I Didn’t Land the Job of my Dreams and That’s Okay

I recently applied for the job of my dreams. It was a job with a touring company, working as a cook on European bus tours throughout spring, summer and autumn. For six glorious months I would have the chance to travel, cook and meet people – three of my favourite activities.

After completing an application form and undertaking a gruelling video interview at home, I was invited for an in person interview….. in Brisbane. I knew this job was a life changing opportunity so of course I leapt at it. I spent all of my savings on flights to Brisbane, accommodation and a god damn go card (those things are expensive!) I decided since I would be spending all of my money, I may as well make a holiday of it. The interview came and went and I wasn’t sure how I had gone. They told me I’d hear from them in 48 hours at the most. Nine days later I got the email.

“Thank you for attending an interview day with [company]. We enjoyed meeting you and are grateful for the time taken to attend.”

“Unfortunately,” the next line began. And just like that the future I had been planning fell apart. The dreams and expectations of my months abroad disintegrated as I realised I wasn’t going to be working in Europe in 2018. They didn’t want me.

At first I was crushed. I don’t think many people realised just how much this opportunity meant to me. It wasn’t just a lame cook job; it was a chance for me to see the world while doing something I loved. It was all so convenient. It was hard to realise that wasn’t happening now. But a very honest friend helped me to realise that the things that are just handed to you on a silver platter, like I expected this job to be, aren’t nearly as rewarding as the ones you work your butt off for.

Not getting this job doesn’t mean I won’t see Europe and it certainly doesn’t mean I won’t do it in 2018. It’s an opportunity to step back, reassess what I’m doing and seriously consider where I want my life to go next year. It’s almost too easy to go along with the flow of life sometimes and while I worked pretty hard to land this job interview, it wasn’t excessively difficult. And you know what? It’s no fun achieving something simple. It’s way more fun to try, to fail, to learn from your mistakes and to own the satisfaction of kicking life’s butt when you come out the other side bigger and better than ever. I didn’t land the job of my dreams and that’s okay; I’m going to be a stronger person and a better fighter for it.

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