Bad Love Club is Footscray’s New Boozy Bakery and It’s The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Boozy bakery. It sounds like the ultimate combo, right? That’s exactly what Sarah Ryan and Damien Shaw thought when they created Bad Love Club. The duo opened the doors to their innovative space just a few weeks ago and it follows a pretty simple concept – coffee, bagels and jaffles by day, booze and sweet treats by night.

But what it lacks in complexity, Bad Love Club makes up for in sentimental value. Take the name, which is inspired by an Eric Clapton song – the artist Sarah and Damien first bonded over. Or the location – Damien grew up in Footscray and while Sarah hails from Brisbane, she now shares his passion for the eclectic suburb.

At Bad Love Club, Damien caters to the AM traffic with Sensory Lab coffee, 5 & Dime bagels and experimental jaffles, while Sarah shines after dark, serving sweets when the sun goes down. Sarah always wanted to be a baker but like many who consider the career, she’s not a morning person. Her solution? Bake during the day and serve sweet treats at night (alongside cocktails of course).

For the dessert line-up, Sarah draws on an assortment of recipes collected from family and friends over the years. A decadent pecan pie is a family recipe from the US, while a vodka fairy bread cheesecake is an experimental creation. Each dessert is well suited to a cocktail from the ever-changing selection. So far, the salted caramel espresso martini has been a hit, while Sarah’s fave – a bacon bourbon old fashioned – is also gaining popularity.

While they’ve been busy since opening, a few have raised concerns about the lack of cake during daylight hours. “Well you can get a dessert jaffle,” says Sarah. “Its kind of cake-y!” Those who can’t wait until after dark can satisfy their sugar cravings with an apple pie jaffle or, for the more adventurous, the S’more jaffle, oozing with homemade marshmallow and salted caramel ganache.

At Bad Love Club you can have your cake and eat it too.

Originally published on Concrete Playground as Bad Love Club is Footscray’s New Boozy Bakery

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