A Magical Day at Tokyo Disney

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the day at Tokyo Disneyland!

I realise that I have skipped a day, but I am so excited to share all my photos from Disneyland so I shall come back to Saturday later! So much excite though seriously!

When we went to buy tickets for Disneyland on Thursday, they had sold out of tickets specifically for Sunday, so we bought ‘open’ tickets which did not guarantee us entry for Sunday! So after a 6am wakeup (so much earlier than it sounds! Especially after only five and a half hours sleep – I was way too excited) we arrived at Disneyland 15 minutes before they opened, more than ready for a coffee or seven! Because there was no way we were not getting in!

Our first glimpses of Tokyo Disney were absolutely magical. The entire park is decorated for Christmas which includes an enormous Christmas tree in the main street! It was absolutely amazing and I was totally transported from reality all day!

After taking bulk photos of the Christmas tree (and some selfies) because we are still tourists at heart, we walked through the main street to an amazing view of Cinderella’s castle. My photos seriously don’t do it justice!

The rest of the day (the 14 hour day I might add) was a perfect combination of rides, sugar, shopping and selfies!

The food at Tokyo Disney was crazy cool! They had about 10 different kinds of popcorn, which included white chocolate, curry, salted, honey, caramel and, of course, good old soy sauce and butter flavour. But soy sauce and butter was actually surprisingly delicious! Didn’t manage to try curry flavour, but will put that on the list for next time!

They also had chocolate churros, smoked turkey leg (although I didn’t try those!), mickey mouse pizza, hot cocoa, strawberry cheesecake sundae, french fries (rejoice!), English tea, iced tea, double sausage pizza and so many other wacky but wonderful snacks! My dinner even had a mickey mouse shaped poached egg on it! I am still at a loss as to how they made it! Too much for my brain to handle!

We managed to score fast pass tickets to, in my opinion, the best two rides in the park: Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Turns out on Splash Mountain, you actually get quite wet when you’re sitting in the front row! Not so perfect when its eight degrees outside! Space Mountain was just as amazing as I remember from California Disneyland – so much adrenaline!

We also managed to see the fireworks and a light show called ‘Once Upon A Time,’ where they projected images onto Cinderella’s castle to tell some classic Disney stories. They topped that off with some spectacular fireworks! It was really an amazing way to end a magical day!

After some hardcore shopping, we called it a day at 10 o’clock because we were all pretty much D E D ded at that point!

It was such an amazing day though and I am so happy I got the chance to go!

Originally published on Ash is Turning Japanese.

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