Yeah, So This Happened…


So yesterday I met sumo wrestlers for the first time ever!

Ermagherd sooooooo cool! It was so exciting! They came to university to show us how to make もち (mochi), which are Japanese rice cakes. They’re sticky and chewy and pretty disgusting if you ask me, but they’re super popular here! I think Japanese people eat them a lot around お正月 (New Years!)

It was such a beautiful day too! We spent about an hour in the garden at uni soaking up some sunshine, watching the sumo’s makeもち (mochi) and eating our free lunch! Score!

After lunch, we headed to class for another three hours of intensive Japanese. All this new vocab and grammar we have to memorise is starting to take its toll on my brain – class is exhausting me! But it is still super interesting and incredibly, we’re already a week down! Only two more weeks of school to go!

After class, some friends and I visited a really beautiful shrine across the road from uni and then headed to good old McDonalds for a snack! We’re obviously really immersing ourselves in Japanese culture.

For dinner we had tacos! So cool, very homey and very delicious! My host mum seriously makes some awesome food! I’m so lucky!!

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