Much shopping, such cheesecake, many 東京

So this is what I had for dessert tonight.


Imma just let that sink in for a second…… And yes, yes it was just as freaking amazing as it looks.

So, today was pretty full on despite my not waking up until 9am! I am enjoying this starting uni late business wayyyyy too much!

After another amazing sleep in my super cosy bed, I set off on the emotional roller coaster that was the Walking Dead mid-season finale. I know, I know, “this is meant to be a blog about Japan.” “What is she doing with her life?” “I don’t care that she watches the Walking Dead.” Well, the thing is my friends, you should care. Because it was a deeply emotional experience and it really affected me. 😢 But maybe I’ll stop there, because I don’t want no one to be hatin’ on me for spoilers – I’m not the Walking Dead Facebook page after all (woah, political incorrectness! What has this blog become?!)

So after I pulled myself together (did I mention it was emotional?!), I headed off to uni!

So I met up with one of my uni buddies (yes, buddies – I totally have friends now! Like, in the plural! Eeeeek!) and we devoured some delicious ぎょうさ (dumplings) and ラーメン (ramen). We even managed to order in Japanese! So exciting! We’re actually getting kind of good! Or maybe, we’re starting to care less? Either way it’s working!

Class today was kinda boring. My teacher was very…. animated? And also kind of insane, in a cute, old person kind of way? I.e. within the first hour, she sang ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen (in Japanese AND English like five times) and fed us sheets of seaweed. Very strange. But I disgress…

After class, a few of us ventured out onto the freezing, rain, dark streets. It gets dark at around 4.30 here! So crazy! Northern hemisphere life?!

While it was raining, nothing could dampen our spirits as we set off to buy tickets to Tokyo Disney!

So much excitement was had as all three of us reverted to a three year old version of ourselves, ‘kawaii-ing’ at all the cute Disney merch on sale at the Disney shop in しぶや (Shibuya).

After buying our tickets, bulk shopping was done – there is a shop in Japan called ‘Forever 21’ – I’m fairly sure it doesn’t exist in Australia, but my god is it amazing. Imagine, maybe… Cotton On crossed with H & M? Crossed with another shop that’s awesome. So take that, and then it’s cheaper! Hoh! I seriously considered moving in….. Much yen was parted with here! #noragrets

After spending way too much money (lol, can you ever spend too much on clothes though, really?) we ventured to a cute bar/cafe where we had dessert and tea. Yes! Tea! Like hot tea, none of this iced tea business. With milk and sugar and everything! Twas’ a very exciting moment for me. One week and I’m already having tea withdrawals!

And I believe that just about brings us to now. I have another test tomorrow (another one, yes) so I suppose I should study for that…. Lol, who am I kidding, I’m totally going to sleep. Study isn’t necessary on a study tour right? I’m pretty sure ‘study tour’ translates to ‘shopping and eating whatever you want’ in English?! Someone back me up?!

Anyhoo humans, ciao for now.

Originally published on Ash is Turning Japanese

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