We’ll Always Have Tokyo

So bulk exciting things are happening over here in freezing Tokyo!

I’ll keep this one short because its 1.20am and I am getting tie tie!

Today was my first day using the trains without getting lost/getting on the wrong train! Success! Much excitement was had in celebration!

I also visited a mega Daiso (100 yen) shop where I bought sooooo many awesome things!

My host mum, sister and I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner (hows that for multiculturalism?!) and then we watched a J-Pop concert on TV! A very Japanesey end to a very Japanesey day!

My friend and I are planning on visiting Tokyo Disneyland on Sunday so much planning is going into that! As well as bulk shopping! Oh, and of course たくさんべんきょします (if any of my sensei’s are reading this 🙊)

Until next time cyber humans… 😘😘😘

Originally published on Ash Is Turning Japanese

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