International Students Represent

Aw hai humans! I am alive and well here in Tokyo! (Eeeep! It just sounds cool to say!).

So I’m like totally an international student at uni here. Which is actually pretty awesome! Although I’m starting to feel sorry for all those international students back home! I can finally understand the feeling of having no idea where anything is and having bulk people avoid you because of the awkwardness that comes with language barriers. So to all you 外国人 (gaikokujin) back home! I apologise! Though I’m sure they don’t care, because it turns out being an international student is actually pretty cool regardless!

I suppose I should tell you what I’ve been doing! Where do I even start?!

I had my first day of uni yesterday, which was basically just orientation, thank god! No intense language classes yet! Although we did get homework -_- … It turns out that most of the people taking this course are Australian! So no need to worry about language barriers there, although it also means that I haven’t secured accommodation in any exotic places like Barcelona….. or Florence…… or London…… *sigh* Aaaaaanyway, so uni was great, everyone is super friendly and I totally made friends!

After class, my new friend Annica (she’s from Sydney!) and I went to a part of Tokyo called いけぶくろ(Ikebukuro) to buy cute Japanese stationary and look around! It was dark by the time we left so all the neon signs had been turned on and we walked down this lane way where it was all J-pop and arcades and shops and bright lights. It was pretty amazing! We discovered this place called Sunshine City which is this massive building with restaurants, hotels and shops! It even has an aquarium and two theme parks I think? All inside the one building! Super crazy, but that is Tokyo for you!

After sneakily stealing some guidebooks on Sunshine City we decided to call it a day and, with a lot of help from Annica (thank god for her!), I managed to find my way home. I was even brave enough to use the bus too! And I only got on the wrong train once! I’m totally a natural!

So that brings us to today, which was relatively uneventful! I had some delicious おにぎり (onigiri) for lunch and did some super intense learning in my Japanese class. Three hours of Japanese really makes your brain tie tie! But I think I am going to learn so much over the next few weeks! Annica and I visited the uni shop after class and picked up some Waseda merch, because we’re totally fan girls like that!

On the way back home I checked out Japanese McDonalds too! So exciting! I scored a ‘chicken crisp’ burger for only 100 yen! Which is like less than a dollar I think? So much excitement was had by all! Mostly me, but it was totally exciting! And I even ordered in Japanese and everything! Woooo!

And yes, that’s about it! If you’re still with me…. Hey! Thanks for tagging along!

I’ll probably keep waffling on here for the next two and a half weeks, so if you’re at all interested in what I’m up to, I’ll be here!

Until then, じゃね (jya ne) as they say in Japan! ✋

Originally published on Ash Is Turning Japanese.

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