Tokyo Be Cray

So it turns out Tokyo is actually ridiculously crazy. There are people and cars and signs and neon lights and Japanese words left, right and centre! Like seriously, who would have thought?! *insert sarcastica here*

So this morning, after the most amazing sleep – there’s something about sleeping horizontally for the first time in 48 hours that really works for me #sleptlikeababy – we ate breakfast (toast, yoghurt, tomato, apple and persimmon (which kinda tastes like honeydew crossed with pear maybe? It’s pretty delicious!) and then headed off to tackle Tokyo’s insane train situation!

My amazing host family showed me the way to my university, Waseda, which is two trains and two 10 minute walks away from home. They even showed me right to the building where I have all my classes. I am so lucky – they’re amazing!

After I took notes on how to get to uni, so I don’t get lost tomorrow (i.e. “at the frog shop, turn left”) we decided to head to Harajuku (another one to add to the Google list) which is famous for crazy fashion! And also crepes… It was super busy but totally cute – we saw a guy dressed from head to toe in Hello Kitty apparel, so I considered the trip a success!

After lunch at Harajuku – strawberry waffles and melon soda! – my host mum and sister took me to visit Shibuya where there is a massive and really famous intersection. At the intersection, all of the cars stop and let people walk across the road anyway they like. It’s way cooler in real life than in my lame attempts at describing it though!

After walking around Shibuya and taking bulk photos (once a tourist, always a tourist) we headed home for a rest!

For dinner, my host mum and I made fried shrimp which we had with rice, soup and lots of salad. It was surprisingly delicious!

And now I shall head off to sleep before my big day tackling Tokyo’s trains on my lonesome tomorrow. Wish me luck friends, because I’m most definitely going to need it!

Originally published on Ash Is Turning Japanese

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