First Day Feels

So day one began in the typical emotional roller coaster type fashion that is arriving in a new country by yourself.

I tend to pass through stages at this point, and I don’t know if this is normal, but they usually go through amazement, anxiety, fear, excitement, jet lag, homesickness and the good old ‘what the f*** have I done.’

Mmmmmmmm dem feels.

But a quick nap during a Japanese action film (that I understood about five words of) got me back on my feet and I set off to meet my host mum and check out my home for the next three weeks!

Turns out we live right in the middle of Tokyo, about 25 minutes from the university I’ll be studying at, 30 minutes from Harajuku (so worth a Google!) and only a few blocks away from the Tokyo SkyTower (totally also worth Googling – there’s a train station AND an aquarium in there I’m told!).

After an amazing Japanese shower and a couple of hours of binge watching Japanese TV, we ate takoyaki for dinner and discussed English grammar, making me realise I have no understanding of basic English grammar principles, like at all. But, if we’re being honest, who actually cares what the difference between ‘will’ and ‘going to’ is…..

But now day one is done, so it’s all up hill from here right? Or is it downhill? Oh god, English is hard….

Originally published on Ash Is Turning Japanese.

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